Add reminders in a few taps.

Faster than typing.

Faster than OK Google.

It’s not that you forget the details.
Often you forget to do the task altogether. will help you remember the things that you usually won’t put on a todo,
yet forgetting which would be just as embarrassing.

All you need is to tap three hints: the who, the what, and the when.

Those are perfectly enough to remember the task in short term,
and you can always add the specifics if needed.

Literally moments

Paired with blazingly fast app startup time, that’s how long it will take to remember the task.

Doesn’t break focus

Tapping tiles is far less distracting than typing a sentence or speaking it to the voice assistant. And you’ll quickly learn to do it instinctively!

Minimal and clear

No bells and whistles, hashtags or lists — only the fastest way from point A (need to remember) to point B (remembered!)


Set a reminder and get it out of your head until it’s time. You won’t see the terrifying list of upcoming tasks unless you want to — it’s hidden a click away!

You can still type

If the hints are not enough and you need to add the details, you can simply tap the title at any moment and edit it the usual way.

Stop wasting time making pretty lists and keeping them organized.

Get the app that does the job fast